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“THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER” these were my last words on Masterchef 2013. I have finished from the show and now i have began my journey in this amazing world of food that i have become obsessed with.  i would like to begin by saying a big thank you to all my fans your support through out the show meant a lot to me and helped me continue in what i had set out to achieve. As many of you know i was suffering with (pnd) post natal depression and anxiety before coming on to the show for over a year. This was one of the most hardest times in my life and its a time i can not forget, it ment a lot to me to speak up on national t.v because i want women and men out in the real world to know its okay!!! its okay and you never asked for this … and you can get over it and follow your dreams and feel better about your self all you have to do is speak up and get the help you need, and...

Modern Middle Easter dishe’s

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